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  • Thursday ,24 October 2013

Let the case rest in peace!

Martha Francis

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Thursday ,24 October 2013

Let the case rest in peace!

After everybody including the Islamic group and the Muslim Brotherhood have condemned the terrorist attack against St. Mary Church in Warraq, it’s expected that no body will be judged and we will only have nice feelings expressed on TV screens! 

This case is going to rest in peace with other cases starting with al-Kosheh sectarian incidents in which many Copts were murdered and the murderers were named “anonymous” or set free without judgment!
During the first centuries of Christianity, Christians were racing for martyrdom hoping it would bring them closer to God. They didn’t fear death as they considered life and death equal as long as they are with Jesus Christ.
If so, why do we suffer the bitterness of such terrorist attacks against Christians?  Maybe we suffer as we lose our beloved people or because of the injustice. In fact, as human being, killing children in front of their families should cause such bitterness and pain in the hearts of their parents. 
As an Egyptian citizen, I refuse to be marginalized in my home country. I have to claim my equal rights and duties without taking my religion into consideration.
However, as a Christian woman, I believe that forgiveness is my personal choice, but the state and law have nothing to do with this choice. Moreover, my forgiveness can’t be used to waste my dignity and disregard my humanity and citizenship. 
Would this case rest in peace with all other Coptic issues including killing, terrorization, forced displacement, false accusations, burning and demolishing churches, looting Coptic properties and all forms of discrimination? I hope not!