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  • Friday ,25 October 2013

Pro-Morsi coalition plans week of protests inspired by 'resistance to Israel


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Friday ,25 October 2013

Pro-Morsi coalition plans week of protests inspired by 'resistance to Israel

A Muslim Brotherhood-led coalition is to hold a week of protests dubbed 'Suez resilience, our way to Jerusalem' beginning on Friday to condemn what they describe as "the bloody military coup" against Mohamed Morsi. 

In a statement issued on Thursday, the National Coalition to Support Legitimacy said the protests  would take inspiration from popular resistance to the Israeli occupation of Suez in 1973.
The coalition also condemned the ongoing campaign against militants in the Sinai Peninsula.
"Sinai is witnessing continuous attacks on the homes of local people by coup troops who are trying to establish a buffer zone to protect their Zionist friends," the statement said.
"It is no coincidence that the coup president announces the division of Jerusalem into East and West in harmony with those declare that it is the capital of all religions in order to destroy its Arabic and Islamic identity," the statement continued in a reference to interim President Adly Mansour's speech on the October war anniversary in which he mentioned "East Jerusalem."
The statement also claimed Mohamed Morsi was ousted due to his support for the Palestinian cause.
"The legitimate president supported our just cause in Palestine, this is why they turned against him and ousted him by force. He was resilient and was framed with charges usually used by Zionists against the resistance, i.e. he was accused of spying for Hamas," the statement continued.
The coalition also announced there would be protests at home and abroad on 4 November outside consulates and human rights organisations.