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  • Friday ,25 October 2013

The university and Mrs. Samara

Medhat Bishay

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Friday ,25 October 2013

The university and Mrs. Samara

In the beginning of the Academic year 1954 / 1955, The Photographer magazine has published a report entitled: “Students leave classroom because of Samara!” Samara, however, was a radio soup starring the great Egyptian artist Tahia Karioka. Sabri Abul Magd, journalist, made a report about embarrassing situations professors face at university then.

He wrote: “A professor told me that about 170 out of his 200 students have left his lecture on October 31, 1954 in order to listen to the final episode of 'Samara'! I can’t believe that this has happened in the name of freedom” He said. 
In 1950, Taha Hussein was appointed Minister of Education, and was able to put into action his motto: "Education is like the air we breathe and the water we drink." Yet, many people were angry at him, especially the elite who had to share classrooms with students from the poor class.
Mahmoud Havez, professor of insects at the Faculty of Science, mentioned in the report that education should be defined as we had much more university students than we need, even more university students than England had back then. University education should be offered to those 30 students who wouldn’t leave classrooms for a radio soup.
In fact, if education, in general, should be offered to those 30 caring students, at least free education should be. On the other hand, the other careless students should be deprived of such free education.
However, how can we do that as many kinds of education are offered in many universities? Unfortunately, the state is still paying too much for such careless students.