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  • Friday ,25 October 2013

The Mother of Filopater

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,26 October 2013

The Mother of Filopater

Sometimes you find yourself unable to express what to say, especially if the situation you face is incredibly difficult, and is the equivalent to losing one of your sons and having the other one in the hospital in intensive care and in a critical situation.


I’m talking about the mother of Filpoater. While visiting the Military hospital, I felt so sorry for the injured people. I was trying to figure out their story and what had happened. I wasn’t there to investigate the case, but to visit the injured copts in the hospital. I wanted to know, however, what had happened from the view of the witnesses as it was important to me.


I started to move from room to room,  and I was trying to be careful in my expressions so I did not say something inappropriate. I didn't want anyone to cry or feel sorry about their relatives that died from that crime. While visiting that particular room, I had something in my mind that scared me.Coming face to face with the mother of Filopateir and also mother of Mariam who died in that horrible crime.


My steps were shaky while I was waking to each room. I was thinking about what I was going to say to this mother who lost one daughter already, and the other was in the intensive care unit. My heart was really beating. What words could I say to this mother? How could I lighten what she is suffering from? I entered her room and I found her sitting on the bed. 


Once you look into her eyes, you can feel something strange. You can’t decide exactly upon what it is. Maybe it's disbelief for what happened, maybe it's feeling numb to what’s going on, but the only thing you can feel for sure is how much she is suffering, how much she is innocent, and how much she was asking Jesus to perform a miracle with her son.


I went on this visit with a group, and there was a mother in this group accompanying her daughter. Once the mother of Feliopater saw this girl, she asked her, "What’s your name?" and the girl answered, "Mariam." Once she heard the name she cried and took the girl in her hug because she was reminded of her own daughter that had died in the horrible crime at Warrak Church.


The person could see and sympathize with any case, but its very hard to feel the same as the person who suffers. This is a humanitarian story I wanted to narrate because these people may be poor, may be uneducated, but they have something just a few people have, which is the innocence and faith. 


I ask for prayers for Feliopater and his mother and ask Jesus to heal him although his case is critical, because the mother feels that Feilopater is the only hope that remains for her.