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  • Monday ,28 October 2013

The Most famous Dectator

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,28 October 2013

The Most famous Dectator

Now let me introduce you to one of the most famous dictators Augusto Pinochet who ruled Chilie 1973-1990! 

He seized power upon a military coup d'etas killing or leading to the death of the legitimate president Salvador Allende -R.I.P.- of clear social tendencies in the period of the cold war USA-USSR or capitalism vise socialism! Salvador Allende -R.I.P.- was a clear obvious threat to the USA policies and Augusto Pinochet with or without USA consent put an end to this threat and protected USA objectives! In his coup d'etas, upon the period of 1973-1990 his strong -army protected- dictatorship regim caused 3,000 deaths and more then 27,000 arrested, tortured, or fled the country seeking political assilum!
Augusto Pinochet earned the first place as the most notorious dictator in history!
A friend of mine attracted my attention and inspired me with with this article M. Mohamed Mostapha Mrdan -and I owe him a big thanks- He told me the following facts:-
Muslim Brotherhood -Ikhwan or MB in brief- try to picture General Abd El Fatah El Sissi as the Egyptian Augusto Pinochet -But they forget that:-
1. El Sissi did not act upon orders from USA but responded to the people and is doing his job in protecting Egyptians from Terrorists!
MB leaders know well that any fight with the Army or the Police will cause deaths and this was preciselly their taget from attacking the presidential guards then their peaceful stand up in Rabea and Nahda -with peaceful weapons- and their confusing numbers of deaths that the morgue never confirmed or denied on time! Note that Pinochet famous achievements were 3000 dead bodies and 27,000 arrested totured and vanished fleading Chilie and this emphasise the repeated attacks and demonstrations upon carefew and marital laws in effect just to make sure some of them being arrested then the numbers can be fixed the important thing is to show the world that authorities in Egypt are acting like Augusto Pinochet authorities, lots of deaths and arrested people!
Obviously MB coppied the Chilie Coup d'etas of 1973 and tries to substitute the name of Pinochet with Sissi but in this they forget again that Pinochet was acting to the best interests of USA and Sissi is just protecting Egyptian interests that conflict strongly with USA interests! 
Once again and as the world after some confusion admited that Sissi act never was a COUP D'ETAS!!!!
The final and most important point is that Augusto Pinochet strong dictatorial regim fall down 1990 facing the dismay of people and  this strength collapsed facinf people dismay or, YOU CAN NOT FORCE YOUR WILL AGAINEST PEOPLE'S WILL FOREVER! 
People could get confused, loose facts or get a wrong image, or even get lost, but as time passes, and facts developing will roll over erasing the confusion then people's furry is unstoppable, this is the final target to make Egypt look like Syria in a civil war, but again they forget that since ever, all sectarian violance FAILED as True Egyptians are still brothers regardless of their believes! Time after time since Sadat was still in power, sectarian violence spread, and failed, and the invisible hands that tries to ignite this violence tries again, restlessly hopping to ignite a war with Christians and outnumbering them and erradicating them but since the first ever Islamic invasion, Christians survived in this blessed land that Jesus himself and the holly family had refuge in it! 
Christians in Egypt survived many opressive fanatic rulers who tried to erradicate Christians from Egypt, the rulers had gone and forever, but Christians are still there! They are blessed by God who blessed Egypt, and Egyptians regardless of their believes! I rest assured that someday the POWER OF LOVE will prevail over the love of power Amen!