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  • Monday ,28 October 2013

Coptic Christians dying in Egypt and no one notices

By The Washington Post

Copts and Poliltical Islam


Monday ,28 October 2013

Coptic Christians dying in Egypt and no one notices
Not that anybody is noticing, but Christians are being slaughtered in Egypt on a daily basis.
Last Sunday four Christians died and many others were wounded during a wedding at the Church of the Virgin Mary in Waraq near Cairo. Two of the dead were innocent young girls ages 12 and 8.
In July, a 10-year old girl was shot and killed while walking home from bible class.
Just isolated incidents? No, they happen every day somewhere in the Muslim world. No matter. They're only Christians. It is far worse to mention that a jihadist agenda is behind the death squads than to acknowledge that Christians and their churches are being attacked while the world barely notices.
Why is it happening? Because it can and without repercussions. To be sure it is easy to make Barack Obama a scapegoat. Surely, the “president-who-is-not-responsible-for-anything-that-happens-during-his-tenure” cannot be accountable for the militant actions of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
That might have been true in the America we once knew before the president with the Muslim name took office, but not any more. Barack Obama has had pro-Brotherhood leanings from the outset, which is a primary reason why Christian murders and church burnings in Egypt get nothing more than lip-service and why a failed foreign policy has virtually destroyed a 30-year treaty with a much needed ally in the Middle East.
Obama's methodology is simple. He either ignores the mounting Christian attacks or he feigns his  condemnation. If killing four Americans in Benghazi was not enough to get the president's attention and focus, why should nameless faceless Christians be his concern?
What does killing Christians in Egypt have to do with Obama? Plenty.  The Tahrir News, a major newspaper in Egypt, explained in a few words, “Seventeen murdered Copts and 85 torched churches since ousting of Morsi. Copts pay price of June 30 Revolution.”
What's that expression the president always uses, “I got your back.” Which means if Obama is behind you, you are more likely to get stabbed than be secure.
When Morsi was overthrown somebody had to take the brunt of Muslim Brotherhood anger. Who better than the Coptic Christians. Nobody pays any attention to them, they're just Christians after all.Perhaps the reason it all sounds so conspiratorial is because Obama's Islamic proclivities are rarely, if ever, reported by the mainstream press. By themselves the incidents may appear minor, but they have a cumulative affect as noted by Robert Spencer in an article for ForntPage Magazine.
In his first inauguration, the president invited the president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) at the time, Ingrid Mattson, to offer a prayer at the National Cathedral. No big deal, right? Maybe, maybe not. After all, the ISNA admits it has ties to the MB which is also linked to Hamas.
You could let it pass until Obama's senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, showed up as keynote speaker at the ISNA national convention in 2009.
Even more notable in 2009 was Obama's insistence that the Muslim Brotherhood received front row seats for his famous Cairo speech. Why was that significant? Because the Brotherhood was outlawed in Egypt at the time, which meant that President Hosni Mubarak could not attend. Of course, Mubarak was later overthrown and the Brotherhood under Mohamed Morsi took control.
As Spencer points out in his article, “…when Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi was declared the winner of Egypt's 2012 presidential election, Obama immediately called Morsi to congratulate him.”
Once again, not exactly earth-shaking, but Spencer adds further details. “Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hurried to Cairo to meet with Morsi in July 2012, as anti-Brotherhood protesters gathered outside the U.S. Embassy complex there. The Obama administration's support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt had been so glaringly obvious that foes of the Brotherhood regime pelted her motorcade with tomatoes and shoes for delivering that country up to the rule of the Brotherhood.”
Taken in combination the picture suddenly becomes clearer
Recently the United States cut off aid to Egypt leaving the Egyptian military with the choice of accepting Obama's allegiance to Mori or turning to Russia for assistance.
When it comes to making enemies stronger while turning our backs on our allies in the region, Barack Obama has done a first-rate job. Rather than dousing the embers of discontent that continuously glow across the Middle East, our president is pouring gasoline on the fire and fanning the flames.
It is difficult to accept or believe such naiveté can be so prevalent in the White House, making it impossible to say which is more dangerous, incompetence or ignorance.