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  • Tuesday ,29 October 2013

What if the army did not intervene?

Moomen Sallam

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Tuesday ,29 October 2013

What if the army did not intervene?
It's understood that the Islamists became so angry because the military intervened to remove president Mohamed Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood from power. Such intervention suddenly destroyed their dreams, which lasted for more than 80 years, to govern Egypt. Additionally, I understand that the anarchists as well as the revolutionary socialists supported Morsy hoping he will eliminate the state institutions including the army and police and put an end to their power or authority.
What I don't really understand is that some liberals do support the Muslim Brotherhood against the army or the military coup. How come they defend a terrorist group that has never believed in democracy, freedom, or human rights!
Don't they understand that all Islamists never believe in democracy in its comprehensive sense. They believe that he who wins a presidential elections has got the right to do whatever he wants with the absolute power. Morsy's constitutional declaration made such ideology became crystal clear. In fact, such regime didn't accept the fact that at least 20 million Egyptians are demonstrating against it, and wouldn't have listened to them even if they stayed in the streets for months! Therefore, the army had to intervene.
If not, Morsy would have arrested many of his opponents, and many people would have been killed if they dare to oppose him publicly. We have tasted some of this violence in the incidents of the presidential palace and many places in Alexandria. Moreover, those liberal supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood were likely to be persecuted or labeled as refugees in America. 
Considering June 30 as a military coup is totally wrong as it considers the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood was a real democratic regime. Furthermore, the army didn't use violence to conquer the presidential palace or the radio and television building as seen in a military coup.
However, if you want to call it a coup, then it should be called a “Guardian Coup”, which protected the state of chaos, but did not aim to seize power.
Talking about a real coup, it's the responsibility of the Muslim Brotherhood who deviated from the democratic path and rules.
The Muslim Brotherhood didn't keep their covenants or show respect for democracy. Yet, America didn't pressure them to abide by democracy! Now, they only keep their demonstrations and terrorism, which is another good reason for the army to lead the country to avoid such chaos. Well, it's so complicated and a lot of time is needed to understand what's going on in Egypt since January 25, 2011.