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  • Wednesday ,30 October 2013

Who shot the little heart of Mariam?

Dr. Ahmed Al-Khamisi

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Wednesday ,30 October 2013

Who shot the little heart of Mariam?

Nothing would return the little girl, Mariam, back after she left the earth to live in heaven. In order to see Mariam, I had to rewind the videotape over and over to see her standing at St. Mary Church in Warraq in her new white dress before terrorists turn it red. She was pure and happy as an eight-years-old child should be. Suddenly, two bearded terrorists appear shooting and killing her innocence. They may belong to the Muslim Brotherhood or any of its supporters who hate this country and worship blood and violence.

Mariam, it's the responsibility of those terrorists as well as everybody who preach reconciliation with those terrorists who believe that violence, bombs and assassinations are ways to express their points of view! They believe that hatred is a political platform. Many politicians have participated in killing you as they invited the killers to negotiation and reconciliation giving the impression that whatever they do will stay unpunished! 
I see you holding a piece of candy before you drop it after bullets went through your heart! 
Discrimination among Muslims and Christians by writing one's religion in the identification card as well as all forms of discrimination in all aspects of life in Egypt is also responsible for your death.
The continuing disregard for drafting a law of "hatred incitement", which many Muslim preachers practice above mosques' platforms and in schools. 
Additionally, ignoring the Copts in educational curriculum and history encourage the fanatics to preach discrimination and hatred in Egypt. Our children should learn that both Muslims and Christians are equal citizens in Egypt. They should learn that Christians have sacrificed their lives for their country.
I rewind the tape and ask myself: Till when our children will be killed in our country and we are not able to protect them? The government has to enact deterrent laws, change educational curricula, and fight discrimination to eliminate the soil in which hatred and fanaticism grow to kill our children.