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  • Friday ,01 November 2013

Al-Bergnameg practicing freedom of speech

Dr. Raafat Fahim Gendy

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Friday ,01 November 2013

Al-Bergnameg practicing freedom of speech

For the first time after the revolution of June 30, the famous satirist Bassef Youssef have presented his program, al-Bernameg. The first episode of its new season provoked many lovers of General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.

Recently, Gen. al-Sisi got so many supporters and fans who consider him a hero who put an end to the night mare of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Therefore, the Egyptians sanctify and appreciate him so much as they did with great historical leaders like Ahmose, Saad Zaghloul and Nasser.
In fact, Bassem Youssef has not criticized al-Sisi, but those people who are crazy about him. I myself love al-Sisi very much and consider him a great savior for the Egyptian people. Yet, I appreciate freedom of speech and wish we can still agree or disagree with him. 
I don’t agree with those who insulted Bassem for they don’t like his opinion. However, I don’t agree with Bassem for using so many sexual slangs and nods. Yet, he should still have the right to express himself.
However, Bassem has criticized closing the private televisions of the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters that have been inciting hatred and threatened the Egyptian national security. In fact, any democratic country would have closed them too.
Many times we claim to respect freedom of speech, but we prove the opposite when we listen to different opinions. 
We love al-Sisi whom the American Administration fear. Yet, Bassem has the right to express his opinions as long as he watches his language.