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  • Friday ,01 November 2013

Bassem and the Freedom of Speech

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,02 November 2013

Bassem and the Freedom of Speech

The latest statement from the CBC channel to not broadcast the last episode of the program, "Albernameg" by Basem Youssef is a very dangerous sign to how the opinions and expressions of freedom will be handled in the future. How could this happen after the 30th of June? Does it means we have returned backwards and not forwards? I believe that no progress can happen for any country as long as it is being prevented of expressing opinions. Especially if they are still committed to the main values of society.


Prohibiting a program will increase its supporters, not the opposite. Any country that considers itself threatened by a program means it is so weak in facing any problem. I vividly remember when Morsi was in authority and rumours were spread that the Muslim Brotherhood will close Basem Youssef's program. We were all offended and so mad that the regime wanted to close one of the most successful programs at this time. 


And now Bassem Youssef suffers again from threats and furthermore, he has left Egypt and his program stopped being broadcasted. I don’t believe the claims relating to the reasons of why the program stopped, especially since these claims say that the program stopped because of some technical issues.


I find it shameful for all writers and journalists to be silent, and to not even condemn what happened. This double face I can see is something shameful. The main point here is that the inclinations of the program was the same before  the 30th of June, so what has changed the matter?


So if they decided to stop this program today, should we expect that they will close others tomorrow? I can’t stop myself from condemning these actions, and say that we are in a dangerous situation. The danger doesn’t come from stopping the program of BassemYoussef, but is coming from the silence that I can feel from all activists towards this action.