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  • Monday ,04 November 2013

Is it a must?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,04 November 2013

Is it a must?
First let me congratulate Egypt and Egyptians with the 4th of November the Egyptian Cupid worldwide Cupid the Love God is celebrated with on the 14th of February but in Egypt thanks to R.I.P. The Amin Twins -Ali and Mostapha Amin- Brothers and twins who introduced and improved most of today's journalism principal and created a journalism university called -Akhbar El Yom- or the world translation News of the Day!
They proposed and called 1st for Mother's Day of 21st of Mars then some people suggested this Mother Day might be a painful occasion for those who lost their Mothers -But is any one of us who would or could forget a Mother or Father that brought him in this world?- to make the long story short it was suggested to call the day “Family Day” but still it is better known as MOTHER'S DAY.
This same Amin Brothers were the 1st to call for this LOVE DAY on 4th of November and we still celebrating it and 1st Flower must go to them for their IDEA!
Now, having wished Egypt and Egyptians best wishes and all the LOVE on my heart let me turn to the other side and talk more seriously. 
Since the memorable stand up of Egyptians in Egypt on the 30th of June 2013 3 months have passed we -the people- forced an unwanted dictator of the throne of Egypt NOTHING MORE!
A temporary -Six month- president sat and spend ½ the assumed presidency time doing nothing, a prime minister is appointed could not so far take a single positive decision always some one somewhere had a contradictory view delaying matters and the country is almost in an undeclared war! Good Intentions are there but shaky hands stop moving boats! As an Example:-
3 Ministries meeting to decide the re-opening of a factory that had financial difficulties and shut down! It's financial difficulties manly included unpaid taxes -to the government- unpaid electricity bills -to the government- and who knows what else, not was it to difficult on the head of the government to make a decision imposing on other government entities like Electricity and Taxes to obey was it a MUST to waist time on that meeting?
OK that is one reason Why I'm not happy with the government performance, with all due respect to each and every one now just a question I wish I get an answer in it:- Why the government imposed emergency laws which is about to end soon, just for a Curfew to be imposed when in 10 more days the Emergency laws will come to an end?
Curfew did not prevent gangs from killing innocent individuals, did not stop the violent stand ups, did not put an end to many problems Egypt is facing yet we still have Muslims Brotherhood individuals in top leading positions including undercover MB, and spies or closely related to MB parties under different nominations, and still Egypt and Egyptians fighting MB al over Egypt!
Over 3 months now and Egyptians still fighting for their future, their independence from MB and the multi level conspiracies of different countries who thought they could bet on Egypt as an MB territory and base! We know that the fall of MB in Egypt will be the beginning of the End of the MB empire they thought they could built this empire would be from India and Pakistan east to Latin America west and may be even North America this would include the many dormant cells in Europe so that one day they announce the WHOLE EARTH MB Empire which explains why no loyalty or fidelity to any country or region the whole EARTH is to be their home and country!
Now, tomorrow the 4th of November 2013 the Egyptian Love Day, scheduled for hearing day of Morsy in his trial, I do not expect much of love in this event, I expect lots of attempts to spoil the day by all means by MB that is still free to spoil each and every occasion of Egyptian people specially that on the 5th it will be the start of the new year in the Arabic Islamic Calender an occasion most Egyptians celebrate it and a good opportunity to spoil that day too by MB!
Is it our destiny to remain in continuous fights On 1972 youth stood up demanding the revenge from Israeli occupation then followed by demonstrations of 1977 upon a sudden increase of the prices in the so called by ex-president (R.I.P) Sadat The Thieves Stand up -Intefaded El Harameya- then as events developed and many fights took places in different occasions till January 25th the Police Day the day Egyptian Police stood up to defend an Egyptian Town on the Suez Canal and become the symbolic day for the Egyptian Police which become over time worst than the worst dictator no one could stand or oppose Police brutality until the innocent stand up of Egyptian Youth on 25th January 2011 against this brutality of the police no intention initially to remove ex-president Mubarak from power but conspiracies and conspirators seized the opportunity to jump on the event and pretend it was a revolution on Mubarak and become known as the revolution of 25th January!
Egyptians had to stand up over and over again in different occasions once for their rights or freedom or against what seemed to be Army's dictatorship to the point Marshal Tantawi was treated as TRAITOR while the real traitor was selling Egypt lands and giving away portions for free! 
They stood again on 30th of June and thought we had reached the safe desired end, but they had to stand again on 26th of July against terrorism that is still fiercely fighting the Egyptian will and tries to spoil their peace of life under all different possible ways! Traitors, Conspirators, Undercover Agents and all kinds or the 5th Column people all over in Egypt and every day we uncover new agents they all united against Egypt but they did forget or ignore that GOD BLESSED EGYPT AND THE EGYPTIANS WILL PREVAIL!
Is it a must to keep standing up for each and every entity of those different conspirators and left overs of MB?  Do we have to stand up to remove the Nour Party that is nothing more than a negotiator on behalf of MB or another side of MB the religious politics of politics under the name of the religion? Do we have to stand over again to remove Abou El Fotouh Party from power as an under covered agent of MB who said it clear and bolt upon elections -Not MB but will be HONORED to be considered as an MB!!- Or clearly a supporter of MB!
Is it a must to stand up against the minister that threatens  to resign if police enters the university to protect professors and students from being humiliated from MB supporters? Is it a must to stand for each and every one who does not act to the best interest of this country individually or our stand ups of 30th June and 26th July still counts and is taken in consideration?
Do we have to stand up this multiple stand ups just to take our beloved Egypt of the verge of the dark deep hole MB tries restlessly to drag the country in it?
My God in this glorious occasion the 4th of November love day my prayer to you is just PLEASE LORD EMPOWER LOVE OVER THE LOVE OF POWER!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and the power of Love prevails!