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  • Tuesday ,05 November 2013

Strife of the MB!

Essam Nasiem

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Tuesday ,05 November 2013

Strife of the MB!

Egypt now faces a great strife by the Muslim Brotherhood, the group that's doing its best to sabotage this country and destroy it by all means.

However supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood claim to support president Morsy, they knew nothing about him before the revolution of January 25. In fact, he was but a reserve presidential candidate for the strong man, Khairat al-Shater, vice president of the MB. I mean those supporters only support the group and never supported Mohamed Morsy personally.
Since Morsy's ouster, supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have been dividing and destroying the community. They have been demonstrating to provoke the people, insult the army, and apparently clash with the people.
It became crystal clear that the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters do not care much about the homeland. It's follower think they exclusively have the absolute truth and the others are ignorants and infidels. Furthermore, it applies an evil plan to sabotage the country supported by foreign countries and huge funds.
Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood is a great strife within the community, that may lead Egypt to destruction. However, how can we deal with its violence in the streets as well as the universities? How can we react to their terrorist attacks in Sinai and against the Coptic Christians in many places elsewhere? How can we deal with their craziness and demands to return their autocratic regime and religious constitution after the people decided to overthrow them?
Of course, there are ways to deal with all of this nonsence. Yet, the current government is so weak to do that. Had the government applied the law firmly since the beginning, we wouldn't have reached this situation. Even the Emergency Law was no good as well as unimplemented judicial rulings to do the job.
On the other hand, many people call for reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood and not to exclude them. However, throughout its history, the MB proved it can only be stopped by law and security. Its ideology should be exposed before the public in order to “nullify its poisons” in the community.
Therefore, law should be enforced and security forces should deal with those vandals, or else they would destroy the country. It's now or never.