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  • Thursday ,07 November 2013

FJP leading figure Amr Darrag banned from travel


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Thursday ,07 November 2013

FJP leading figure Amr Darrag banned from travel

On Monday, leading Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) figure Amr Darrag was stopped in Cairo International Airport about to travel to Doha when he was informed that his name was on the list of those banned from travel.

According to Aswat Masriya, the ban came due to pending investigations ordered for by the Prosecutor General.
Security forces “informed me of the [travel] ban without investigations and treated me with respect,” Darrag tweeted.
Darrag is accused of attempting to escape the country, but the FJP leader defended himself saying that he was only travelling “for a few days on business.”
Osama Morsi, the son of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, was also stopped at the airport on Sunday when he was travelling to continue his studies in Malaysia and detained for an hour and a half. Security forces then apologised for the mistake and released him, with Morsi then buying another ticket and continuing with his journey.
Darrag served as Minister of Planning and International Cooperation under the Hisham Qandil government, and was also Secretary General of the Constituent Assembly of the 2012 constitution.