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  • Friday ,08 November 2013

Egypt returns back to the Egyptians!

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,08 November 2013

Egypt returns back to the Egyptians!

Last Monday, on November 4th, was an honorable day for Egypt and its people, police and judges. This came as they did their best in order to return Egypt bak to the Egyptian people after it was lost for about three years. 

Egypt came back against the will of many arabic and foreign countries and their intelligence agencies, which tried to prevent the trials of leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood by the court of law.
The banned group of the Muslim Brotherhood has organized many demonstrations supported by visits of High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, as well as congressmen and U.S. officials, and people like Muhammad Salim Awa and Abdul Moneim Abul Fotouh who serve the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as much as they could.
The wisdom and smartness of the Egyptian leadership led the traitors to jail. Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood including Mohamed Morsy stood trial in the cage.
However, they exposed their ugly faces like they did at Rabaa Adawia sit-in. They appeared crazy and saucy. Soon, they will be exposed more in the upcoming trials.
However, it was very important that most countries acknowledge the trial of Egypt’s former president and he is now called “former president”.
I only want to congratulate the Egyptians on Egypt returning back to them, as decent and respectful country among the nations.