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  • Friday ,08 November 2013

The Constitution

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,09 November 2013

The Constitution

The mystery of the Constitution that we live in nowadays is ridiculous. I have many reservations about this Constitution. First, there is no clear information about what’s going on inside the Fifty Committee. Second,  I can feel that there are many differences between its members. Third, there are many difficulties we will expect to face when voting comes, as well as there is no campaign to spread the awareness among the nation. 

First, regarding the information provided, I can see that we only hear from this committee only when there are disputes among members. There is not enough information about what articles have changed and what articles will remain the same. This lack of information will make everyone feel left out of the process, because you can’t participate in anything without being involved in the process.
Second, I know it's normal to have differences between people, but when such differences in opinions becomes disputes, there is danger. For example farmers are not satisfied with cancelling the 50% "say" they had before in the previous Constitution. The Coptic are seeking a certain percentage to be mentioned in the Constitution to guarantee their participation in the next people's assembly. Many disputes exist between different judicial authorities. All of this means that the committee suffers from disagreement and dissent. 
Third, how do you expect the nation to vote in the next poll while the security is non-existant? How do you expect the nation to vote in the next poll while the Muslim Brotherhood are demonstrating every week and there are many threats from them towards anyone voting in the upcoming elections?
There are many requirements that need to be fulfilled before asking people to participate in political life. If the State isn't able to provide security to the nation, you can’t ask the people to risk their lives  in voting instead of practicing one of the main political rights for everyone. 
Will the Government recognize all of these requirements or will they be blind and showing no concern to the people? Additionally we have everday problems that normal citizens face in daily life, like gas shortages and the high price for goods. 
Finally, you can’t ask the nation to practice their role before you the Government do its role first. The Government should guide the nation, not the opposite.