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  • Monday ,11 November 2013

Poisoning cases in Sharqia reach 82


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Monday ,11 November 2013

Poisoning cases in Sharqia reach 82

SHARQIA, Egypt: The cases of people suffering from poisoning in Zahraa Village, Sharqia reached 82 after four other people were diagnosed with the same symptoms, and were transferred to al-Hemayat Hospital in Zagazig, the governorate’s capital.

Sharqia Governor Dr. Said Abdel Aziz said that 46 people had been cured, and 18 others are currently receiving treatment.
The governor affirmed that the Water and Sanitation Company got six samples of water from different places at Zahraa Village, and the results proved that the water is clean and not poisonous.
According to Aziz, the victims were all attendees at a wedding in the village, claiming that they may have eaten expired food there.
The governor inspected the health unit at the village and discovered that many doctors were absent from the unit, as well as the lack of any medication. As a result, he referred negligent workers from the unit to investigations.
Additionally, the governor said that the problem of sanitation in the village will be resolved soon as a citizen had donated the needed land to establish a water project, costing 60 million EGP ($ 8.71 million,) and will be funded by the European Union and the World Bank.