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  • Monday ,11 November 2013

Promises Become Duties

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,11 November 2013

Promises Become Duties

Back to home after a long trip to my Homeland, it is really a hard choice between family residing away and the country you’ve grown up in it and it is your homeland.

Due to travelling and settling back in new environment and other hustles only frequent travellers like me know them well, I’m not very up to date neither my computer that took most my efforts in the last few days to update, the very last of the news I had was Kerry
 Trip to Jordan for peace talk and the confirmation of ex-Palestinian leader Arafat died poisoned plus the suspicious silent of the Palestinian authorities! 
In all these old news only the resuming of peace talks between Jordan and Israel attracted my attention; but before saying why I’ll go back to an old story happened between me and a French friend Françoise!
This goes back to the Desert Storm political preparations so that the world BLESSES this war under the consent of the United Nations and its blessing and participation!
My friend Françoise as a French citizen when France is considered to be one of the top 5 countries and having the veto power her un-answered question was “Why the United States of America has always to be the leading POLICEMAN of any worldwide problem?” the problem was simple Saddam Hussein well known as a dictator tyranny giant that suppressed his chances of sympathy in the second and last attack that tore apart Iraq and took it to his current state when everybody is threatened to die in an explosion by the well known Islamic extremists that try to control Iraq, and fighting in Syria terrorising Egyptians divided  Sudan and Somali still fierily fighting in Mali French authorities backed up by UK and USA military aids!
This is all about politics and politicians that all what they try to do is securing a sit in this political arena regardless of their Bryant logos like PEACE when we see the PEACE talker country had declared or participated in almost every war in the last decades since the United Nations Creation that its major principal that gathered the world nations in it was Let War Wold II be the LAST war! 
Great let us look back in the USA military aid to Egypt –as Russian defence and foreign ministers to visit Egypt to discuss arms deals after US cut aid- what those aids were? Old outdated weapons –to protect Israel that should remain the strongest in the region- not with count Israel is outnumbered with the Arab world surrounding them but the quality of the weapons that remains last ever technological improvements- so old outdated low quality weapons go for military aid here and there, factories producing parts for this weapons should be closed and change their activity as those weapons can not be marketed therefore their best shut is to be given as military aid rather than being binned as rubbish!
In brief this military aid opens houses in USA and keeps factories working to produce parts only the countries that receive this military aid need! Otherwise stating the few pennies USA gives as military aid is taken back in whole dollars from those countries having to buy parts! 
John Kerry Peace Talks
Having explained all of the above, taking in consideration the following points:-
USA is facing a financial crisis 
USA weapons trade exceeds 70% of the world weapons trade!
Trade means INCOME to a troubled economy!
Wars mean costs –Weapons, armoury, personnel, troopers and so on-
Factories could become overhead and drain the economy if they can no more produce commodities on demand! You still have to pay salaries or just CLOSE THE FACTORY!
Peace talks mean there is a war and we need peace so who is in war? Where is the battle field? And what Camp David was all about?  
Obviously Kerry main –undeclared- mission to sell more weapons so that Jordan feels strong in those peace talks! 
I rest my case I hope I made it clear as always and repeat my say “Me and politics don’t mix” when I say that I say it out of years and years of experiences, fallen dreams politicians said they will be reality but I still wait for the politician who would not lie or trick people! 
Let me conclude this article Blessing Egypt my country that just like El-Sisi want to see Egypt on top of the world and the whole world may God keep blessing Egypt and help us empower love over the love of power!