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  • Friday ,15 November 2013

Egypt and Terrorism

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,16 November 2013

Egypt and Terrorism
Egypt is facing a fatal danger again. This time, however, it is with a very dangerous group, some even multi-national terrorists. We all remember what Egypt went through in1990 when terrorists attacked and killed students, politicians, and intellectuals. After 5 years of battling this terrorism, Egypt could finally be victorious over the war. Now terrorism returns more fatal and severe than ever. Christians are being killed in churches, soldiers in Sinai, police members in assassinations, and various types of death are sweeping the country. Bombs are used, as well as explosions, gunshots, and any other means to kill innocent people who are just trying to protect their country. 
I believe that most of these terrorists are not Egyptian. Egyptians don’t know this kind of killing. They are not harsh with these heinous actions. It is impossible for Egyptians to murder their own race. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a lot of responsibility that lies with the military and police. However, all of these bombings and tragedies goes to show that the efforts put forth are not enough. Or, their strategies are not correct. 
War against terrorism and dangerous terrorists needs a special strategy. We are dealing with a different kind of crime. In our experience from 1990 should be remembered so that we can be more effective and professional in decreasing our victims to a minimal. Without doing this, we will see more victims everyday. We are currently using a strategy that is inefficient. 
Let’s take for example, the last explosion that happened. The bombing happened although there was already security on the grounds; a tank was even sitting in front of the exploded automobile. With all these “precautions” this crime still managed to happen. This war against terrorism is a long one, and not one that can easily be overcome. Winning this war needs two of the most important things from all Egyptians. 
Firstly, Egyptians need to be patient.  They need to be ready to sacrifice of their freedom for this moment, and help police and the military to be able to catch these perpetrators. 
Secondly, the police and military need support. This support comes through encouragement, and not falling into the trap of blaming our army and military instead of the real problem, which are the terrorists. 
We should all raise one sign. We are all against terrorism. Regardless of the political mistakes that politicians make, and also regardless of any mistakes the military does, we should put our criticism aside. We should only be raising one sign, and that is that we are against terrorism. This will give a strong message to the terrorists, that Egyptians are with the military and police. Terrorists cannot go to war with 85 million Egyptians and by holding a united sign, they will recognize that.