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  • Friday ,22 November 2013

Is it a broken promise?

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,22 November 2013

Is it a broken promise?

In July 3, 2013, Judge Adly Mansour took over as the interim President after the revolution of June 30. On July 26, 33 million Egyptians gave mandate to the army to fight terrorism in Egypt. In fact, the army did a great job fighting terrorism in Sinai and all over Egypt.

This drove betrayals like Baradei, ex-vice president, Beblawy, the Prime Minister, and others who claim defending the freedoms and democracy crazy. They used the support of other traitor and misleading media to finish the Egyptian state following the schemes of many foreign intelligence agencies.
Such schemes included killing 12 soldiers yesterday in Sinai, attacking the Arab League building, and burning the Egyptian flag inside the most famous Square in Egypt. What kind of stability could be achieved in Egypt after such incidents? 
However, in a catastrophic statement by the interim President, he said yesterday that there are no intentions to change the current government! He must realize that not changing such disastrous government should lead sooner or later to his overthrown in order to save Egypt.
I urge Gen. Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to intervene and save Egypt. You should hold your peace no more as Egypt is about to start its suffering over. Save Egypt! It's now or never!