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  • Friday ,22 November 2013

Demonstrations until when?

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Sunday ,24 November 2013

Demonstrations until when?
Lately all nation are talking about the demonstrations law. Some of them are with and some are against. Some people think that this law will help the country to calm down and go forward and some others think the opposite, they think that this law will let Egypt back to be police country. 
I can’t say that I have read the whole law but I have read many articles of it and I can say that like any other law, it has advantages and disadvantages. But is this could be a reason to break each law has disadvantages. This is the case of no regime and no country. I totally with people to demonstrate but what’s wrong in taking the permission from the police to demonstrate. 
I believe that if we continued with this way, it means we will help in collapsing of this country. Why do we refuse to resort to the law as a mean to achieve our demands? Why are we insisting that our brave depends on penetrating the law not follow it. Some one might say this law has many problems and is against human rights. I will agree with his point but at the same time I will resort to the legal ways to reject this law not to break it. 
We are in very critical time. The constitution close to be finished and to call people to vote on it and if we continued to be divided like this way, the only political power will get benefit from this division is the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the time to unify our efforts against all efforts that wanted to destroy the country and the army. 
There are many risks around Egypt if the road map failed to achieve what has been planned on 30th of July. Many countries around us are waiting Egypt to fail and to fall down. Many countries are waiting Egypt’s army to collapse. There is no way for all current political power except to be one hand in facing the risks that Egypt face. 
This is the moment to be united. This is the moment to stand all together against all enemies that Egypt face. It the moment that Egypt needs all their faithful people to stand beside it against what the enemies wants to do with Egypt.
I call all political powers to be strong and stand with the government and with the army because without that we will back soon to be under the mercy of the Muslim Brotherhood and all the Islamic current.