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  • Monday ,25 November 2013

Does it add up?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,25 November 2013

Does it add up?

Last week I spoke Greek, today I speak mathematics, it is our destiny to always turn around what we love, and my eternal love is Egypt/Greece that both suffer for different or similar reasons I’ll put the facts you add them up and make the conclusions!

Sometime ago not very far away there was an article about “If history could repeat itself” and my comment was:-No way it is just humans they do not learn from history and try to repeat old mistakes hopping to rectify the final outcome! True when humanity in Europe rejected the rule of the church they did not reject religion or Christianity they just rejected people who took from God and his words cover to reach thought it to specific targets or goals; however, European revolution against church ruling the world was not enough to convince Muslim Brotherhood that they can not rule the world under the name of their prophet Mohammed, and as history do not repeat itself Europe did not revolt but this time but Egyptians.
This is the clear event every one sees but there are lots of hidden facts days unfold them to see the true picture. One of the hidden facts that represent a true puzzle to a lot of analytical observers, and each interpret facts as he can possibly see them representing a point of view not necessary the right one! And as an example people wonder, how come Americans one of the firsts if not the first ever fighter against terrorism that they did suffer from it on 9/11 and ex USA president Bush announced it clearly they will fight back terrorism! How come USA that supports France in its fight against terrorism in Mali still supplies weapons to terrorists in Syria? And many more unanswered questions the observer of the Middle East events would ask!
History Shows
Alexander the Great conquered places with his best men, Roman Empire was built over the ashes of the Greek empire and Ottoman built his Empire over the ashes of other civilizations, but those days are over Hitler could not conquer the world and united countries decided THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! There is now an International Community seeks over Human Rights, Independence of countries and people do not have to fight for their FREEDOM like Nelson Mandela however, powerful countries like the United Kingdom –that initially built its kingdom over Irish, Scotland and other small tribes that occupied this territories- had to give up their colonies that extended east to west to the point that Sun was always rising somewhere in their endless empire!
But why all those fights in history? Is it a natural behaviour to be aggressive and conquer other places or was there a reason for it? Actually yes, mainly the reasons where survival reasons, limited resources forced tribes and countries to expand their territories on the expense of weaker ones or just for the pleasure of showing off power like in the peninsula of the Saudi Arabia where water in this desert was scarce and stronger tribes would raid on any place water was available therefore as physically men are stronger than women the man power was deeply appreciated moreover women were a shame to be born or be part of a family to the point they would burry them alive when born! Naturally covering up women head to toes was another way of defence because of the FATAL ATTRACTION a woman could cause the misery of the entire tribe if a stronger tribe fall for that woman and this NICAB story I already said it before and explained it is not part of the Islamic Religion but just a habit for the above explained reasons but as always someone will come up with parts of the holly Koran with explanation human wrote out of their own understanding and take it as a law in the religion but this is not my point over here I was just illustrating facts to add up and reach a conclusion for what is happening in Egypt!
In brief since ever and forever the humans seek survival in any means at any cost, this mainly was the reason UK and France competed over colonisations and who would have more colonies would be the stronger! We all recall the eternal historical fight between British and French people to conquer Europe but there were other strong entities like the German tribes that built Germany!
Today’s Facts
All of the above was just a reminder how human history developed in today’s world where civilization had spread, human rights, freedom, and multimedia with internet made the world incredibly small what happens in most eastern part of the world is seen and heard in the most western part of it, south and north, east or west are just dots in the map we can access with a click of the mouse therefore technologies and theories had to change goals remain the same but the ways to achieve it had changed since WWII introduced the 5th column or SPIES   a new era started and the fight become brains fight who gets the information and uses it the right way has the upper hand! I new art is born the dark art that is the art of killing without leaving traces pointing to you! A couple of years ago or more a famous ace decoder in MI6 –UK intelligence- was found dead from asphyxia inside a golf hand bag, any one would immediately  conclude he was staffed inside that bag, but forensic evidence failed to prove it and remained with the doubts that he did lock himself inside the bag! The best technology could achieve was the impossibility to do it himself but still a big question mark WHO DID IT? That is the dark art that today uncovered Yasser Arafat –R.I.P.- former Palestinian leader was assassinated, and could lead to further discoveries in the near or far future about the sudden death of Omar Soliman a former Egyptian Intelligence chief! 
In today’s world CIA, MI6, Russian, German, Japanese, you name it; Intelligence is the leading forces that shape every thing as planed by leaders. Intelligence get the facts, statistics, put them together and leaders make the plans the whole idea is to stay on top of the world the strongest, richest, and the one every person needs his help!  How to reach there this is the story!
More Fact
December 2010 parliamentary elections took place in Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood took majority under the strict police controlled political climate that lead to the popular dismay of the 25 January 2011 revolution that was nothing more than a stand up against police brutality in their National Celebration day the Police Day of Egyptian Police 25th of January as a memory of a glorious day for the police forces that defended their town against occupation British forces! This glorious day for the Egyptian police become the turning point for that over brutal force to FALL! Intelligence and foreign forces seized the opportunity for a well planned ahead plot, a plot Egyptian Intelligence saw and warned about it, but events were way faster than warnings, and we all SAW what was called 25th January Revolution and how external observers including USA leaders that no one wondered about the safety of the over 77 years old ex-President Mubarak neither asked if it was a military coup d’etas by Marshal Tantawy on the contrary we saw the USA administration blessing people’s desire and urging Mubarak to step down! Was it because their studies and reports comparing with other countries like Afghanistan or Pakistan where an Islamic majority holds the country made them believe and plan the same plans for Egypt? May be they thought backing up Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will spare Boston another bombing by terrorists that know no country or region terrorism is their religion point blank!
Now in conclusion I can not let down UK or MI6 that created Muslim Brotherhood or forget about the famous Belford promise to Jews to have a country in Palestine! You might wonder what Belford that died years ago has to do with Egypt today? The answer is simple, yes he died but his heirs are still alive all over in this world, and a promise is a promise I can not promise and forget I must seek after the fulfilment of this promise! People talk about the intelligence of Israel and their capability to export the fight over Palestine to Ismail Haneya and Abbas to Iraq, and keep Syrians Busy in their fight not to talk about Egyptian army being in the middle of all this terrorists attacks and almost everyday having to burry fine true Egyptian solders that are fighting terrorists rather than supporting their fellow co-citizens in Syria or Libya all those fight all over Egypt since 30 June 2013 reflects one simple fact Intelligence that put their bet on the Egyptian throne would be to Muslim Brotherhood for the next 50-60 years would not admit they did miss-planned or had all their eggs in the same basket and had fallen down and eggs are gone, they try their best to keep the upper hand there, so the Egyptian Army is not just facing Muslim Brotherhood supporters or traitors to the Egyptians they are facing all imperialistic plans that gathered over the only blessed place by God and failed so far to control! Many more facts will coming days unfold and what is now hidden and top secret will be history to teach in the near future to see the just struggle of Egyptians for freedom and Independence may God bless Egypt and Egyptians and empower the love over the love of power!