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  • Friday ,29 November 2013


Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Saturday ,30 November 2013


Responsibility is not just a word but it is an action. What has happened to the Copts lately in MInya shows how much the Police and the Government are carless for everything that has happened to the Copts. Up until now, 50 houses have been burned, two have been killed and many have been injured. The Police have left the situation for 2 days without any actions. What does it mean? Does it mean that the Police want to interfere only after Copts have died?

I haven't heard any statements from the Government or the Interior Minister. The Copts always pay the price of sectarian events without anyone paying attention. The Police did nothing except arrest Copts and Muslims just to use them as ransom. The Police were always doing that. Using the captured Copts to compromise a withdrawal of their complaint and the issue ends with the Copts saying they were mistaken.
All human rights organizations were so worried and released many statements when demonstrators were captured by the Police even though they violated the anti-demonstration law. I will suppose that the Copts were mistaken since the beginning of the issue, but can we consider it a reason to burn 50 more houses of innocent Copts?
I believe that Egyptians are missing the tolerance in culture and they need to work on it in schools and in all religious institutions, but until that happens the Police should be effective and fair towards all people and citizens in the community. 
I call for the Police to be effective and serious in protecting the Copts. Copts have suffered a lot lately, especially in the last 4 years. After the 25th Revolution we all thought that sectarian events would be at a minimum, but the opposite has happened.  
Before, I was refusing the idea of Copts trying to resort to the US or any another country, in an attempt to defend the Copts. Now, I believe more than ever, that after the relations are getting worse with the United States, it is not a good idea to resort to any other country. 
The only resort should be to our Government and to the current authorities but the question is as follows: Will the Government listen or will they ignore the issue as always?