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  • Monday ,02 December 2013

Does It Add Up? Part II

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,02 December 2013

Does It Add Up? Part II

Resuming last week’s article in which I said the conspiracy on Egypt and Egyptians is not just Israel or USA or Turkey and Qatar but I included the United Kingdom, just accusations with any proofs? Not Really I already pointed out that Belford promise has to be fulfilled it was or is not enough a piece of land was given to Jews out of Palestine in the middle of a SEA OF ARABIC EXTREEM HATERED they have to protect by all means their creation which was Israel. It seems to the world that Israel could build and develop a really strong entity that serves the world in different ways technologically and they can provide 1st class researches in all fields but we need to keep in mind that Israel was built from all over the world Jews that were born in USA or UK or France and even Germany that crucified them upon the War WII! That is in other worlds those Jews when serving in Israel they come with a wealth of knowledge that initially belonged to their country of birth the British Jews is backed up with the latest of technology Britain could establish, so is the American or France ones they come with their inherited technology they do not have to start from ground zero! 

Now, the facts shows a clear hand of USA, Turkey, and Qatar in the Egyptian problem so how can I accuse the United Kingdom being involved in all that? 
To answer this we need to keep in mind the following facts: - First, intelligence is supposed to be there but not censored you do not feel it so you can not censor it right? Who of you could feel or see USA spies or Israeli ones before being caught and exposed by the Egyptian counter espionage?   
This is in fact the true art of intelligence, how to be there transparent un-seen the day you are seen you are finished some one else should resume from where you left! MI6 being unseen does not mean they do not exist or they are sleeping but reflects a very hi level of proficiency! 
I side note about MI6 and a reminder, they created Muslim Brotherhood –review my articles about it! And more important until now their main headquarters in London is still very much alive and active! 
The second fact we need to keep in mind is the fact that USA initially was the land of outlaws who had been expelled outside their countries mainly British, French, and Spaniards! That is somehow some people are closely related to French or Brits or whatever! 
As for the more important Fact is that Britain was, is and remains the STRONGGER ALLY TO AMERICANS! True pm Tony Blair was hiding behind Bush and today Cameron is hiding behind Obama! 
Having illustrated all of the above, we clearly see neither M. Blair protested the invasion of Iraq, nor Cameron objected Libya Nato invasion! They –Brits- are supporting France fight in Mali against terrorism but never truly supported the Egyptian cause and fight against terrorism! They did not even tried to discuss Obama’s decision for a limited hit on Assad’s defences in Syria –I’m not defending Assad regime or attacking it this is a pure Syrian matter- but I’m just exposing the unconditional British Support to American policies! And if the American hand is clear in the Egyptian problem therefore we need to open our eyes to see the hidden hands of MI6!  
We see and hear of exploded trapped cars killing 5 in Syria and a Bomb explosion killed 7 in Baghdad, not to talk about Libya clashes or Tunis unrests no human rights activists are concerned but with the Egyptian fight they want to make sure Ousted sited president Morsy is being well treated and that we do not torture El Shater in prison, it is all about IHRC or Islamic Human Commission but no one is concerned about Coptic or Christian Human Rights we see everyday in a desperate continues effort to ignite sectarian violence in Egypt a lot of victims even children face death but all what the world is concerned about is Morsy well being and well treated to Hell with the rest of the Egyptians!
Muslim Brotherhood falling in Egypt in the HEART of the Islamic world is a major set back that MI6 as well as CIA never forecasted or properly studied so it is not only about an entity intelligence did not properly study before giving them their unconditional support but as well a major turn around point on those Intelligence institutions CIA or MI6 that might face in the near future a total review and how they operate or perform their studies and propose policies! 
This is a really huge issue deserves all the conspiracies on Egypt and it’s Egyptian Army the only Army that is still standing because God Blessed Egypt and one day the LOVE OF PEACE WILL PREVAIL!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians?