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  • Tuesday ,07 June 2016

Displacement of Copts

Father Asanasius

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Tuesday ,07 June 2016

Displacement of Copts

In violation of the constitution and law, Copts are displaced on daily basis from their houses, villages and towns as part of collective punishment policy. Justice and law are subject to the will of the mobs and idiots. The innocent people have to leave in order to avoid fire, weapons and threats. 

We have many documents and videos for such attacks. They start by calls of fanatics to attack the infidels and then the actual attacks that may include looting, fire and destruction for houses of the Copts. 
Those who are displaced can’t defend their rights after they were targeted based on their religion. However, those who lead the attacks were supposed to take care of the Copts in Egypt.
Many accidents happened for the Copts in which they were forced to leave their houses and villages for no mistake. This happened in Imbaba, Atfih and Marinap in addition to Minya, Farshout, Ameria, Dahshour and Fashn. The hatred and religious discrimination were behind all these attacks.
In fact, they can increase their attacks thinking they are above the law and believing that the Copts don’t deserve to live and they serve God when they kill them. They think that Copts are infidels that don’t deserve to live since they practice black magic and drink alcohol. Some Muslims in Egypt even think that Christians are the reason for all evil in the world.
Therefore, Copts have to face such phenomena. We can’t accept that many Christians are forced every now and then to abandon their houses and live inside their home country as refugees. 
After they suffered a lot, the church has to care for them through specialized committee. It’s time for the church to help and protect them from further humiliation. We have to care for those people and prove our faith by doing something. We do this knowing that our God is watching and will intervene in the right time.