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  • Tuesday ,20 September 2016

One symbol of Egypt

Gergis Wahib

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Tuesday ,20 September 2016

One symbol of Egypt

I read a statement to one of Coptic leaders in America in which he claimed that the president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is persecuting the Copts in Egypt. In fact he proved that some Egyptians can’t understand the situation in Egypt while they are far in the west.

The situation in Egypt is not perfect, and we have too many problems including the officials who can’t deal with sectarian issues. We were hoping that the law of building churches would be better. Yet, we should realize that we have a law for building churches for the first time in history. Moreover, the current unlicensed churches are already licensed according to the law.
The Copts are still suffering, but this doesn’t compare to the three years after the revolution of January 25, 2011. We still remember attacking and demolished several churches under the auspices of policemen. The great cathedral of St. Mark was attacked for the first time in history and thousands of terrorists were given the Egyptian citizenship by the former president Mohamed Morsy.
We could have been suffering right now under the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood and have a cabinet of terrorists! I tell those who criticize the president who put his life in danger in order to save Egypt and her identity and to restore our dignity. He is already facing many wars from inside and outside Egypt.
Therefore, I hope that many Egyptians will demonstrate to support the president during his visit to America. The Copts in America are really patriot and love their home country very much.
It should be known that the president is waging war against the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and should receive our support in such hard time. Look at the suffering of Syrian, Libya and Iraqi people, especially the Christians, before you decide to attack the Egyptian president.
Finally, I trust the wisdom and patriotism of the Egyptians in America, especially the Copts, whose participation will honor Egypt like the previous times and like they ever do.