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  • Friday ,10 July 2020

European certification

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Friday ,10 July 2020

European certification

 The European Union announced that it allowed citizens of 5 Arab countries, including Egypt, to enter its territories, after canceling the precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus. A list of 54 countries around the world will benefit from the decision, among them: Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, according to the website of the Schengen Info website. 

This news, though being shocking for the Gulf countries, but many people see it, including myself,  as a testimony to the health system in Egypt, despite all the observations and problems since it was issued by the European Union that cares for its people above all.
A greeting to Egypt s doctors and their great efforts during the pandemic. I hope the health system in Egypt improves and overcomes all problems and mistakes that were made till the pandemic is over.