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  • Thursday ,10 September 2020

Too mean!

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Thursday ,10 September 2020

Too mean!

 It was a heinous crime committed by people who are more like animals who have no dignity or conscious. A group of mobs stripped an old woman from Upper Egypt nude in the streets without any of them seeking to help the helpless woman or cover her before the mobs.

I was also surprised for the silence of women’s institutions and their representatives in the Parliament who worry about their positions under the dome more than such trivial incidents!
Some mobs in other village decided to get rid of the dead body of a Coptic Christian child who was buried in the graveyard of the Muslims claiming there is no place for Christians in their graveyard. They think that God consider their stupidity and ignorance. I see this crime also too mean for humans, and defames the homeland just like it hurts the victims.
I declare here that such ignorant people defames reputation of the homeland and offend it before the world more than poverty and lack of services.